Bill Sleeter

Bill Schlueter

Bill grew up in St. Louis. His early musical influences included Big Band 50's and 60's rock & roll, and music on the Grand Ole Opry. The Army took him to Fort Lee, Virginia where he was a military instructor by day and played piano in clubs and restaurants at night. After finishing his time in the Army, Bill went to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond where he majored in Theatre, while still playing piano at night. After graduation, he accepted a piano engagement at a hotel near the Pentagon, just outside of Washington, DC, where he entertained for eight years. While there Bill recorded two 33 1/3 LP's, one of popular songs of the day the other of all original songs. Bill and his family moved to Nashville in 1982. Since arriving in Nashville, Bill has written songs for other artists, performed solo piano and piano-vocal, formed a rock band, a country band, a western swing band, a jazz trio and most recently, various sized bands specializing in Big Band and Ballroom...which is the title of his new CD: Big Band & Ballroom. You can order his CD by contacting Bill by e-mail at: The CD is also available online at or at places where Bill's band plays. Today, Bill's performances encompass all of his musical influences: Big Band, ballroom dance, old time rock & roll and classic country (even a few lines dances). Enjoy the music of Bill Sleeter!

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